Selmer Bringsjord

Vitae (7.20.24) (with hotlinks to publications and presentations)
Bio (4.7.24)
Access Bringsjord's Rensselaer AI & Reasoning (RAIR) Lab for info re. specific research projects, online lectures, and qualifications he seeks in grad students.
Introduction to Logic-Based AI — [Fall 2024 Course]
Learning AI with patented AI technology.

Intermediate Formal Logic & AI — [Fall 2023 Course]
Learning intermediate logic with patented AI technology.

Introduction to (Formal) Logic (and AI) — [Spring 2024 Course]
Learning introductory logic with patented AI technology.
Are Humans Rational? (course)
“The Modal Argument for Hypercomputing Minds,” in Theoretical Computer Science, a key warmup (for the technically inclined) in advance of the forthcoming Will AI Match (or Even Exceed?) Human Inteligence?.

Some Old, Old (Enduring?) Archival Content

Superminds: People Harness Hypercomputation, and More
"Chess is Too Easy"
Preprint version of Preface of Brutus Book